Here's an example of a 300 x 250 pixel widget.

This version drops right into a standard IAB sized box AND is
Mobile Ready!

The Widget iFrame automatically determines the reader's location and displays the community name and images for the top agents in town.  It also sports a rotator for the agent images, increasing the attraction for your readers (and the click-through-rate).  The widget is infinitely customizable to accomplish the goals of your unique requirements.

Our programming will set up a pre-established 'in-market' geo-fence for your platform.  When deployed on your webpage the widget will automatically show the reader's community.  Users from an 'out of market' location can be directed to a default zip code of your choice. 

300 Pixel Demo Widget

300 Pixel Demo Widget

Try it for yourself - 3 ways to see the full BestAgentToday website

Clicking the "see complete data" button brings you to the zip code page for the displayed town

Clicking any of the scrolling agent images brings you directly to that agent's profile page

Clicking the "BestAgentToday" logo brings you to the homepage

Blaster - full width 1170